I’m so glad I declined you

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Oh dear, oh dear, APB, S13, we are getting rattled.

You keep suggesting only people who had a dirty job did all the work. How do you think the rolling mills were kept going for you to earn your living?

It was the people in the offices that you suggested did nothing all day. Where do you think the orders came from for your rolling mills? When your shift finished they were still there trying to get orders.

You have so much hate for people who don’t think as you do, and some of the words you use to describe them I find offensive.

You say all Tories are rich, I am certainly not rich, I only have my state pension each month.

Dare I mention Mr and Mrs Blair and Alan Sugar? Now that’s rich. Am I right in thinking they are Labour?

You once suggested we meet and have a beer and a debate, I am so glad I declined, as in your latest letter, re Iain Duncan Smith, you say, if you ever saw him in the flesh your debating would be by your fists, very gentlemanly I must say.

Remember the brain is mightier than the fist.

I think this maybe my final letter... unless...



Ps, Well done GT, by email, September 1, 2015, that’s telling them some home truths, but they won’t believe you!