I’m pleased MP listened and stands up for us

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The so-called gagging law was voted on again in Parliament this week and unfortunately the debate was lost.

I contacted my MP John Healey via email the night before the vote and was pleased to see that again the Wentworth and Dearne MP voted for improvements to the gagging law.

The law introduces rules that would prevent non-politicians from speaking up on issues and this cannot be right.

Charities and campaign groups have spoken up about this issue, including the British Legion, Oxfam and the RSPB.

Groups that normally wouldn’t agree have spoken out against this law which shows how important this is.

I have emailed Mr Healey before and found it a useful way to communicate. I’m a busy working mum and so the option to email my MP at night after a long working day is really useful.

I was mortified to read that Tory MP Sir Peter Bottomley MP had told a meeting of the All Parliamentary Group on Civil Society and Volunteering that receiving “hundreds of emails” from campaigners disrupted the work of parliamentarians and irritated them.

We can’t all get to MPs’ offices, or make telephone calls during the day and we should have a right to an opinion too.

I was pleased that Mr Healey MP stands up for his constituents however they contact him.

Lisa Vickerage

Main Street, Wentworth, S62