I’m not proud of what is happening in Sheffield

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I have just received a copy of The Star, January 21, showing photographs of the demolition of the Don Valley stadium.

Much to my dismay, I just cannot understand this council’s attitude to spending or destruction.

The photograph of Isobel Bowler smiling just does not fit the destruction, just as though she is happy.

Mention is made of the cost and the repair bill yet nothing is said about the cost of the destruction or the ‘new’ facility in Woodbourn Road. Would it not have been better to renovate the Don Valley stadium.

I read in other pages about the huge debt the council has built up. There is an old saying, ‘buy it when you can afford it’. Likewise I hear the ‘new market’ down the Moor is also not a success, with many ‘stalls’ empty.

I was born 87 years ago and do follow the city events but of late I am not proud of what is happening.

I only wish I was back there but due to other circumstances I now live in East Sussex.

Some years ago I was asked to be an ambassador of Sheffield which I was proud to accept and proud to praise the city. Now I have to think twice.

Peter Unwin,

Beacon Gardens, Crowborough, TN6