I’m not bovvered about American imports

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Whisht, Whisht, can ye hear it, Whisht, listen, can ye not hear it?

It’s the spirits crying and weeping on the wind, is it ye Banshee? Searching for the lost children, they’ve come to take the souls of the unsuspecting children away, they are out to gain an exit out of the place where they are trapped, ye must not let them in, ye must repulse them, or they will lure your children’s souls away into the darkness and into the deep dark depths of myths and beliefs and be warned ye people of Sheffield don’t open your doors and try to pacify the demons with treats.

Don’t knock on my door, leave me alone but I will still put up barbed wire, fill water bombs, so be warned you little demons, be warned.

I will not sit with my lights off again to avoid the Halloween nuisances, I’m ready to do battle with the dark side spirits, not alcoholic spirits, the spirits who can’t rest until a portal opens up for them to take them to the next world.

So I say Oi! Trick or Treater’s, No! Don’t come to my door with your American traditions. I’m English and not bovvered about American imports, right?

The Green Giant

Halloween I like it not