I’m left feeling scared

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The police have over recent years taken a public battering but the reality is that it is our legal system that is letting everyone down and I have to say as a recent victim of crime, I feel very let down!

Less than two weeks ago a man circled his car round me on Broadfield Road, parked ahead of me and performed a lewd act and indecently exposed himself to me.

Broadfield Road connects Abbeydale Road and London Road and while this occurred at 9.30pm it was still very much daylight and the road was quiet but by no means deserted.

I was able to give a good description of the man and his registration number to police who thankfully were able to apprehend him later in the evening.

Yesterday he appeared in the magistrates court and, after claiming his innocence to police, decided to plead guilty. He was fined the paltry sum of £100 plus £85 costs and a £15 victim support fee of some kind. In effect he has walked away free as a bird, yet I am left feeling too scared to take my dog for his evening walk.

How can it be right when someone like this gets away with it?

The act was so blatant and predatory I’m left wondering how long it will be before he tries it, or something worse, again.

After all, what kind of deterrent is a fine that is the equivalent of a good night out in town?

I cannot tell you how disappointed I am. As a policeman’s daughter I have always been told that justice will prevail and that you have to stand up and do what is right. But why should people who have been victimised in such a way bother when they see such poor results?

In lots of rape cases, victims come forward after a more serious crime has been made public and let it be known that the perpetrator has carried out lesser acts, such as this, against themselves.

It leaves a very sick feeling when one tries to do the right thing and report such an incident in the hope that it could prevent other people having to go through similar or worse experiences and then the guilty party walks away with no punishment.

I am so upset by this and have gone from feeling perfectly safe to walk around my neighbourhood to dreading leaving the house, especially in the evening!

I’d be grateful if you could take up my cause, I know it is now too late for anything to be done about this particular individual but perhaps things can change for the future.

I’ve also written to David Blunkett who recently had much to say about the state of the legal system and Nick Clegg, as our other most prominent MP.

Victim, Sheffield