I’m happy with the licencing system

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Jayne Grayson makes some interesting points about the need to have a TV licence (The Star, June 10). In my opinion, she is misguided in some of them.

Personally, I would pay more for a TV licence to watch BBC programmes because I judge them to be better quality and in this day and age I think they do remarkably well in producing watchable TV on the budget they have.

As Jayne says, the “other side” has the benefit of revenue from all those tiresome adverts that, again in my opinion, spoil one’s enjoyment in watching TV. I hate the constant interruption. It seems a programme on ITV can’t be on for longer than 10 minutes before an advert arises.

On average, would four advert breaks be a reasonable number to suggest happens in an hourly programme?

Therefore, the actual “programme” lasts 40 minutes, I suggest slightly less longer than on the BBC.

The worst example of this constant “interruption mode” occurs when you watch a football match on ITV.

Take the England friendly the other night. They insisted on presenting an advert in between the teams warming up and actually kicking off. A break of about a few minutes! Is that for the viewer’s enjoyment? Of course not.

Jayne doesn’t like “being held to ransom” by the BBC. How would her “optional” system of watching the BBC work in practice?

We already have certain individuals avoiding paying for a licence when everyone is supposed to have one, so how would it be possible to police those that would need it only to watch the BBC?

I suggest the bureaucracy required would be even more expensive than now. I like tradition. I accept that not everyone does. I would hate for adverts to appear on the BBC just so that some individuals can get their TV for free by watching ITV only.

Indirectly, we pay for ITV programmes anyway as companies who advertise pass on the costs through the prices of their products. Anyone who doesn’t believe that is being naive.

I have no doubt that come a few years time Jayne may get her wish and either there will be no licensing system at all, or the BBC may (unfortunately) have to think of other ways to finance themselves.

For the time being I am happy with the current system.


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