‘I’m being framed’ Sheffield sham marriage accused tells court

Masoud Rasab
Masoud Rasab
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A man accused of arranging sham marriages to sidestep immigration laws claims those who named him in their evidence were trying to frame him.

Masoud Rasab told Sheffield Crown Court that Alisha Mahmood - who admitted marrying another man, Muhammad Ishaque, for money - and her friend Keeley Cox were lying.

Rasab, aged 38, of Firth Park Road, Firth Park, is one of five defendants who denybeing involved in a sham marriage plot.

Chris Smith, prosecuting, asked Rasab: “Your belief is that Keeley Cox is conspiring with Alisha Mahmood to frame you, an innocent man?”

“That’s right,” Rasab told the court.

He added: “They got caught doing something and they want to blame other people. It’s easier. It’s just nature.”

He told the jury Alisha had ‘made it all up’ and had ‘told you a story that doesn’t come together.’

“She’s telling lies because she has been caught out,” he said.

Rasab told the jury he was blackmailed by Mahmood.

He said she threatened to do ‘something he would not like’ if he did not buy her a drink.

“She said I’m a right so and so. She told me ‘Buy me a drink. If you don’t buy me a drink, I’m going to do so and so.

“I bought her some vodka and some energy drink.”

Rasab was asked why he claimed not to know who Keeley Cox was during his first police interview.

He said he knew Keeley Cox by a nickname and did not know her surname.

Mr Smith said: “When you said ‘I don’t know her’ was that a lie?”

Rasab said: “I didn’t know her as Keeley Cox, I knew her as ‘Keeley Bonkers’.

“I knew of them as Keeley Bonkers and Alisha Bonkers.”

Mr Smith replied: “If they had said ‘do you know Keeley Bonkers?’ you would have said ‘yes, let me tell you about her?’”

“That’s right,” Rasab said.

The trial continues.