I’m begining to skip it

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After reading the letter from ‘Ray’ can I just say...

You are right regarding the matter of reading the Letters page! I’m beginning to skip it indeed! But being a fan of Whitworth, and that’s the page his cartoon features, I tend to have a nosey at what people are moaning... sorry... writing letters about!

Every generation has an opinion, and again, you’re right to listen, that’s a trait that some people should develop!

The Letters page is a fantastic platform for people to have a say, and by no way do I wish to ‘censure’ anything!

My point is that it’s becoming a page where it’s the same old names day after day, writing about the same old stuff!

If I watch a program on TV and don’t like it, I simply turn it off, I don’t moan about it! I have better things to worry about!

As for my age, let’s just say I’m the same age as my gums, and older than my teeth, and at 65p a pop... I’m going to read every inch of The Star!


AKA Twisted Nerve