I’m 103 and need some loving care

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Another cold night, widows wide open, the wind is blowing the rain and cold in, pigeons making me smell, rats are everywhere.

I’ve been on my own now since 1999 and completely ignored by the people who could help me and cried over by people who want to help me but can’t.

I’ve served this fantastic city for 89 faithful years, never asking for anything, only that I would be looked after in my old age instead of being ignored.

Don’t look the other way as you hurry past me, it’s not my fault I look a mess, just stop, take a step back and imagine just how I did look when my Father William Pott conceived me in 1909.

Then, people stopped looked at me and took a deep breath in admiration, I was admired by everyone who came to me.

Now I can hear the lice of society taking the lead of my roof without fear of being caught, stripping my protection from the harsh winters and the rainy autumn weather. They have even taken my lead drainpipes and allowed the water to penetrate my stone walls. Where is the help when you need it? I can’t help myself, I’m stuck.

I saw countless young couples over the years meeting just outside my door beginning a relationship that would last a lifetime.

When they had children they in turn used my door as a rendezvous, now nobody meets outside.

I was once looked after very well but now trees are growing in my gutters, weeds sprout from my walls which in turn force bits of masonry off.

I don’t ask much, just a bit of attention and a bit of tender loving care.

I don’t deserve to be left in limbo like this, it’s not my fault that I’m like I am, old age just doesn’t mean you get decrepit.

All I ask is take care of me.

After all I’m 103 years old.

Vin Malone, on behalf of the General Post Office, Fitzalan Square, S14