I’ll not vote until generation of chancers have gone

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According to the House Of Commons Library published in September 2014 less than 1 per cent of the UK electorate is now a member of the Conservative, Labour or Lib Dem Parties. Is there any wonder therefore that the standard of MP has reached an all-time low when candidates are foisted upon us from this tiny gene pool ?

All of the parties have proved themselves equally corrupt over these past years over expenses, suppression of reports into various wars ,and the continual manipulation of the truth for the purpose of cheap political point scoring.

Assurances after the expenses scandal that family members would no longer be employed are ignored or maiden names used to cloud the issue. MPs, who have done things while in office that in the real world would result in them been sacked or prosecuted, remain in office.

Those good MPs who have chosen to say nothing for party unity have let us down and are guilty by association. I am sick to the back teeth of these charmless individuals appearing on TV spouting a party line and not answering questions.

I await the time when someone like Andrew Neil asks a politician a question and when he gets the usual non-answer and party tripe he stops the interview, thus depriving them of the publicity they all crave.

Will things change? I doubt it if Labour’s latest candidate in Sheffield is anything to go by.

Here is a man who drinks a toast to the death of Margaret Thatcher like some student activist.

But then he is probably an ideal potential MP, another piece of lobby fodder to do the bidding of the posh boys at the top who have never had a proper job.

As for me I’ll only vote again when this generation of chancers have gone.

P Robb