I’ll give Arena a miss until sound is sorted

Mark Knopfler Concert photos - Sheffield Arena 17 May 2015
Mark Knopfler Concert photos - Sheffield Arena 17 May 2015
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Mark Knopfler and his accompanying musicians were very good at the Sheffield Arena but the sound acoustics of the show were very poor.

When the whole band played, the music was either too loud for the hall or distortion was occurring in the auditorium.

When only four or fiveband members played on the quieter songs (including Knopfler) it was just about tolerable.

I don’t know if it was the arena’s amplification system or just the arena’s configuration for music gigs. I was sitting in the first tier of seats just off centre.

Neither do I know whether it was the Arena’s staff that set up the sound or if it was Knopfler’s people, but either way it was disappointing.

I saw Clapton at the Leeds arena last year and the sound acoustics there were fantastic. I would have expected similar standards from this gig.

I will give Sheffield a miss in the future unless they can acknowledge the problem and correct it.

Apologies for being negative – I am a Knopfler fan of more than 30 years and so I have goodwill for him and his musicians.

Terence Sutton

Nordham, North Cave, Brough, E Yorks HU15