I hope we don’t meet

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MY daughter, myself and my young grandson, who is four-years-old, and our dog Molly (cross bred) were just walking into the second part of Rivelin Valley when we saw a woman lurking in the trees with her dog.

She was watching us.

At that moment, our dog Molly decided to have a poo.

My daughter had brought bags with her to clean up any mess. Before we had a chance to do anything, the woman said: “Aren’t you going to clean that up?”

I said: “Yes.”

She said: “Well, it’s taken you a long time about it.”

I’m afraid we got rather angry and things were said.

My little grandson got upset because he didn’t know what was going on.

The woman was very arrogant and nasty. She said if we came near her she would set her dog on us. She had told us she was holding on to her dog because it would attack Molly and maybe kill her. I’m not sure about us!

I said: “You shouldn’t have such a dangerous dog and it should be properly trained!”

She said: “Oh, go back where you came from.”

Right from the beginning she had made assumptions about us. My daughter is mixed race and so is my grandson.

I wish we’d reported her: a nasty piece of work. It spoiled the rest of the day for us.

Most people we meet are lovely and we have a joke or a pleasant greeting. I hope we never see that woman again.

K Newman, Sheffield