I hope I live to see the day

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It has been well published in The Star, by letters and photos, of a long hard fight by the people of Norwood and Bishopsholme Estate to remove “problem” trees.

These are large forest trees which are causing damage to roads, pavements, paths, driveways and houses.

Following a TARA meeting on October 26, when the trees, as always, were the main topic, two of the offending trees were cut down the very next day. I couldn’t believe my eyes. Success at last after 10 years of campaigning. Thanks to our local councillors and Nick Hetherington common sense has, at long last, emerged.

At the moment, the broken pavements are covered in large, wet, slippery leaves, but at least a bit of daylight is getting through. I hope the removal of two trees is just the beginning and not only a token gesture.

The first battle has been won, but the fight continues to remove all the trees that are causing extensive damage. Hopefully, the day will come when “ignore wood forest” no longer applies to this neglected estate.

I hope I live to see that day.

Jean Shutt