I didn’t deserve doctor’s blunt uncaring attitude

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I went to see the doctor at my local medical centre recently and told her that I was not feeling well.

I am not a nuisance with going to the doctor, but of course at my age of 82 I sometimes go to get a lift, so to speak.

I lost my only son of 39 in 1994 and then my lovely wife Nellie on July 29, 2011.

We were together from the age of 14 until she passed away at the age of 79.

Now wouldn’t anyone feel a bit on the down side, which was my reason for visiting the GP?

The receptionist greeted me with a cheery hello. and said it’s not very often we see you, Mr Fox

I went in to see the doctor and after telling her my story, she said bluntly: “What do you expect at 82?”

I was shocked and just got up and walked out of her surgery.

I did not insult her or anything. No mention was made of what I should take.

I may be 82 but I do most things for myself.

I do my own washing, cooking, cleaning, ironing and have recently painted the outside of my bungalow.

I do my own lawns, back and front, I never sit idle, and that is my medicine for keeping going.

But the doctor on this occasion made me feel old and not wanted with her couldn’t-care-less attitude.

I will never ask for her again.

But how come she has a job in the NHS?

We can do better for ourselves.

Mr K Fox

Stoneacre Avenue, Sheffield S12