I’d know our roads blindfold

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Having been on holiday in North Wales and travelling around by car, I would have known we were in England if I’d been blindfolded!

The state of the roads from the Welsh border (cross country) are just awful.

When we crossed into Sheffield, again, blindfolded I would have known as Sheffield roads aren’t just bad, they’re appalling, no wonder so many people have joint pains, boneshakers every one of them!

During the past week I’ve been to the Hallamshire Hospital, over from there to the Northern General and back home to Norton Lees and the roads have been terrible, not even one as good as in Wales.

What I’d like to know is, if Wales can have such good roads, why can’t we?

Also, where does all our road tax go to as it is obviously not spent on the roads in England, Sheffield in particular?

JY Sheffield