I’d do hangman’s job

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The police say the public should not be worried by the number of murders which now take place on a daily basis.

They say they can cope. The fact is, with no proper deterrent, such as the death penalty, they will never stop it happening. This country needs to get out of the do-gooder syndrome. Rehabilitation doesn’t work,

How many murderers, sex offenders and paedophiles get a slap on the wrist - and then serve only half the sentence?

With DNA profiling it is now possible to prove guilt beyond doubt and should that be the case these scabs on society should be dispatched instead of becoming a financial burden to the law-abiding community.

More time and resources are wasted on the offender to try to rehabilitate them back into society. They are not remotely interested, they laugh at the leniency they receive. Their victims and families have to live with it for life.

When will it all end?

Never, because the reptiles who do these acts will do around seven to 10 years, if that.

And then they’ll be released to try again.

Because of the ludicrous Human Rights Act schools are no longer allowed to discipline children. In fact, we are no longer allowed to discipline our own children.

So the kids grow up in fear of no-one. The result is they have no respect.

If children grow up without respect for anyone they run wild and turn to crime and drugs because they get away with it and it’s easy.

What other country would put up with its indigenous people being classed as second-class citizens by its own government? Foreigners and criminals get better treatment than working class tax payers.

Regardless of what the do-gooders say about hanging, I wager there will be a queue for the job. Put me top of the list.

Phil Holberry, East Bank Rd, S2