I could save the council millions

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The biggest saver in Sheffield could be cutting back on waste.

This council spends far too much on glossy mags full of propoganda.

Far too much pay for the CEO, many people in Sheffield do not even know who this person is, or how much he gets in salary.

Not to mention the many consultants and changes in letterheads and signs.

Cut down on bureaucracy, cut down on the community support officers and encourage well-organised Neighbourhood watches.

I could go on and on but there are so many ways that Sheffield could save money.

But they will not, they will make the people of Sheffield suffer for their own political ends.

I myself could save millions for Sheffield at the stroke of a pen.

Many people are ignorant as to how much could be saved because they have been brainwashed for many years by this council and can no longer think for themselves.

Anthony Rodgers, Shirecliffe Road, Sheffield S5