Hunt missing the point

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Jeremy Hunt is to offer junior doctors an 11 per cent rise in basic pay in a last-minute blackmail bid to stop them going on strike. He still does not realise their grouse is about longer hours being forced on them not money.

The health secretary’s dramatic move is part of a package of new concessions he will announce to them.

His offer is intended to persuade England’s 45,000 trainee doctors, who are furious at his threat to impose a punitive new contract on them, to vote against strike action.

The Health Secretary’s latest move is calculated and political as is usual with the Tories but is unlikely to calm junior doctors’ deep anger and prevent a walkout.

Typical Tory tactics is that Hunt is expected to stress that the offered 11 per cent increase in basic pay is far more than the maximum 1 per cent annual rises that public sector workers have been told to expect in the next few years.

Terry Palmer

South Lea Avenue, Hoyland