Hundreds take part in cuts protest rally

The protest in Sheffield
The protest in Sheffield
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HUNDREDS of anti-cuts protesters converged on Sheffield Town Hall demanding to know why they were having to pay for a crisis they did not create.

The rally saw speaker after speaker condemn the public sector spending cuts which will result in the loss of thousands of jobs.

The protest in Sheffield

The protest in Sheffield

They were cheered by a 400-strong crowd of all ages who held banners reflecting how widely the impact will be felt, including ‘Save our Schools’, Rawmarsh kids deserve better’, Unison, Sheffield Green Party and the University of Sheffield. Many banners were in protest at the rises in tuition fees.

Bernard Little, co-chair of Sheffield Green Party, said he was furious at the Government for failing to confront the people he claimed were responsible for the recession - the bankers.

He added: “Instead of vandalising the public sector to save money they should collect it from the financial system that fleeced us.

“But the problem is the Government is too frightened to confront them.

“People can’t quite believe this is happening, but the Green Party doesn’t believe it is inevitable.

“I think when the cuts come into effect from April the pressure will mount and the Government will struggle to sustain itself.

“I think there will be a huge split and a general election.”

The demonstration was organised by the Sheffield Anti Cuts Alliance.

The rally convened at Weston Park at midday on Saturday and protesters marched to the town hall.

But the event was less well attended than a similar rally in the autumn.

However Mr Little said it was just the start and when people started to experience the cuts for themselves they would rise up.

He added: “No single group can take on cuts of this scale and win.

“We need to link workers, students, pensioners, schoolkids, claimants and users of public services in a joint campaign to fight this Government of millionaires.

“A united campaign can stop this Government in its tracks.”