How water leak flooded bridle path

Limb Lane
Limb Lane
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An angry Sheffield resident was getting nowhere trying to get a burst water main repaired – until he came to Action Desk for help.

Robert Grayson had called Yorkshire Water numerous times about the leak on a bridle path on Limb Lane, Dore.

The leak is outside his home and during the cold weather it became like an ice rink – putting residents, walkers and horse riders at risk of serious injury.

Mr Grayson said: “It is right outside my house. When there was the snow and ice, I went to put the bins out and went flying.

“It is unbelievable how bad it has got with the cold weather.

“There are horses up and down there everyday and before you know it a horse is going to slip and go into the stone wall.

“I have been notifying Yorkshire Water for three months about it.

“Someone came out to investigate it and said he thought it was from the stream.

“We had a dry spell for a couple of weeks and it stopped, but then it has got worse. I asked them to come out and test the water, which they did, and they discovered it was coming from a mains water leak.”


A Yorkshire Water spokesman apologised for the delay in repairing the leak.

He said: “We apologise for the length of time the water leak has been running on the Limb Lane bridle path.

“The source of the water was hard to locate and we carried out a number of different investigations, which included testing all the relevant land water drains, shutting water mains off and using correlators, ground microphones, and listening devices in order to locate it.

“On Tuesday, February 17, we located and shut off a service pipe which has stopped the water running,” added the Yorkshire Water spokesman.