How many persons to connect a lamppost?

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Today I have got first-hand experience of the new lampposts been installed.

I live on a narrow one-way system and was told the road was going to be blocked off for part of the day and it was OK to break the law and use the one-way the wrong way?

First two operatives turned up with the digger on the trailer, blocked the road off and dug the hole.

Next four people turned up and over a couple of hours joined the cable up.

Next two lorries turned up with five operatives between them.

One lorry picked up the earth that had come out of the hole and transferred it via his grab onto the other wagon, then took some new stuff off his wagon and partly filled the hole in. (I don’t know what was wrong with the old stuff).

They then started to pack up and I asked if they were finished.

One told me yes, because they had only sent two barrow-loads of Tarmac and needed more, so it would be tomorrow, because the quarry closed at 2.30pm and couldn’t get any more.

So away they went, apart from one of the lorries because he had a puncture, so one more person.

I can see why people get their backs up, I believe that comes to 12 if you count the tyre man.

After an email the driver of one of the wagons returned to back fill the hole and make safe for tonight, so they will return tomorrow to take out what they have used to back fill tonight and hopefully turn up with enough Tarmac to do the hole, then come back in a few months to do the new road and start again.

Good job I have an email address, because if I had gone through the call centre everybody would have gone.

So I don’t do it often, but thank you to the person that got it done for me.

Mick D

by email