How do Stagecoach decide on public transport fares?

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Although I am now 62 years of age and I am able to claim a bus pass, I’ve decided to carry on paying for the use of public transport. Why am I doing this?

Well, our authorities are continually harping on about Government cut backs (whilst they swan around in large vehicles and reside in top band houses) there’s no money in the kitty for subsidies - they say!

Yes! I may well be at the lower end of the social scale, but to me (in our creators eyes) it is not what’s in our pockets what matters it is what is in our hearts. Recently I purchased a ticket on the No53 (Sheffield to Mansfield stagecoach, East Midlands) bus from my village of Stanfree to Bolsover, the £1.80 charge for a single fare (3 mile/7 minute journey) seemed a bit steep to me the following day, I purchased an all day explorer on the same route for just £5.80 including the use of the super tram too! Excellent value. However as the bus left Mosborough, a gentleman boarded the bus and paid just £1.60 for the 6mile/15 minute journey into the city centre! (less than what I paid for half the distance). For the life of me, I fail to understand how Stagecoach decides its various fares. Any chance of an explanation?

Geoff A Evans


Stop their free bus travel

About the time limits that disabled and OAP can use their passes.

Did you know that those who work in head office, work in garages, bus drivers wives or girlfriends and police all have free travel anytime of the day?

I suggest that they make cuts in their own dept instead of disabled and OAP.

N Bramhall

Sheffield S5