How can sex crime chants be tolerated at Blades matches?

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Rape is a horrible crime and I find it incomprehensible how folks from Yorkshire can, in ear shot of their daughters, wives, girfriends and mothers, chant in support of a convicted rapist given their experience of the Yorkshire Ripper and the sex crimes in Rotherham.

Not only do they chant his name, but by calling out ‘He (Ched Evans) does what he wants’ they are condoning rape regardless of the perpetrator and the evilness of their act.

How can any female at a Sheffield Unted match feel safe when those standing next to her are expressing their support for rape and a rapist?

Rape and other sex crimes are like no other. They cannot be ‘spent’ by the victim’ and a victim does not get a second chance.

Football supposedly gives us role models. This surely goes beyond just the role of players’ and is in the lap of the clubs, too. Sheffield United should say now whether it supports rape and convicted rapists. If it will not stop the chanting then is it worthy of its pivotal position in South Yorkshire society? The FA, Football League, Premier League and the PFA should condemn the condoning of rape and rapists. Racist chanting and homophobic ranting are not tolerated. Rape and sex crime chanting is. How can this be?

Alderman Paul Bartlett

by email

There are two schools of thought on whether Evans should play again for the Blades, one saying the club should get rid of a convicted rapist, and the other side saying that he has served his sentence and paid the penalty, with Evans still proclaiming his innocence.

Sheffield United FC could have avoided the situation by giving their public answer when Evans was found guilty.

Ron Humberstone