Housing service heading for disaster

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Sheffield Council is pushing ahead with a scheme called Housing+ which will destroy the service provided to their tenants.

Now that the council has taken back control of the funding intended for housing they are determined to push through plans to try and stick plasters over the savage cuts in other services.

Housing officers will be expected to give support and advice on everything from good parenting to substance abus,e for which they have neither experience or training.

At the same time it will no longer be possible to drop into the local housing office to discuss with a housing officer.

Instead an appointment will be made for an overworked housing officer to visit your home at some time in the future.

The senior housing officers/supervisors are to lose their jobs and remaining staff will have their wages and conditions reduced.

To add insult to injury many workers will have to apply for their own jobs at wages reduced even further.

Housing staff have been warning senior managers about the disastrous effects for more than a year but have now been told that their views are irrelevant as the councillors are determined to push ahead.

In the meantime housing workers have been gagged from expressing their views or telling the truth about the pilot scheme at Crystal Peaks Housing Office.

After being ignored for so long housing workers’ frustration has boiled over.

Many have “withdrawn their goodwill”, for example refusing to use their own vehicles for council business.

The staff’s action is aimed at their stubborn bosses and is most definitely not aimed to hit tenants or their families.

Tenants need to be made aware of the real impact of the Housing+ plan.

The councillors and senior managers must stop deceiving themselves and others.

Council tenants and housing workers both face real hardships if the council’s plans are not stopped.

We’re all in it together!

Enid Spratt

by email