House was drug factory

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A HAUL of stolen property – including a ex-soldier’s campaign medal – was recovered when police raided a suspected drugs factory in Doncaster.

More than 100 cannabis plants were also discovered when police visited the home of Andrew Stewart in Cranbrook Road, Wheatley.

Michael Upson, prosecuting, said the 28-year-old was at home when police arrived and immediately saw cannabis plants in the living room.

When they went upstairs they found a rear bedroom filled ‘wall to wall’ with 100 plants, while the room was also fitted with six heaters, a large air filter and foil lining on all the walls.

Mr Upson said the plants would have produced about £12,000 worth of cannabis.

A search of Robinson’s rucksack revealed 10 mobile phones, a sat-nav system, a number of watches and a Northern Ireland service medal belonging to an ex-soldier, all of which had been stolen in Doncaster house burglaries.

Mr Upson said the former serviceman’s home had been ransacked by the burglar.

Robinson, who admitted offences of drugs production and possession and six of handling stolen goods, told police he had been forced into growing the cannabis to pay off his own drug debts.

He said he would have tried to sell the stolen phones at car boot sales, but would not say who he got them from.

Robinson’s criminal record showed previous convictions for robbery, burglary and drugs possession.

Cheryl Dudley, mitigating, said Robinson’s lifestyle brought him into contact with people who would not have legitimately possessed the property and he collected it from them to sell at boot sales.

She said: “Clearly he understands that with his record he knows custody is inevitable.

“At this time he was addicted to drugs and had got into significant debt and was used by more sophisticated criminals putting him under pressure to use his home for growing cannabis.”

The court heard Robinson had been in and out of trouble since the age of 12 and had spent much of the last 13 years behind bars, which he knew was a waste of his life.

Ms Dudley said those involved had since made threats to his mother and he was relieved to hear they were also in custody.

Stewart was jailed for two-and-a-half years.