House prices among lowest

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Sheffield and Doncaster are among 20 areas with the lowest property prices in the country - while average house values are much higher in the south of England, according to a property website.

A Property Rich List for the UK has been released by, shows that, although house prices in some of the country’s most expensive areas have fallen a little over the past year, they have held up better than less expensive areas.

Kensington, in London, is the most expensive place to live, with average house prices close to £1.75 million.

In contrast, the top 20 lowest-value areas include Sheffield and Doncaster, and other northern towns and cities, with prices ranging from £41,601 to £78,579.

Nick Leeming, business development director at, said: “This year’s Property Rich List shows an ever-widening North-South divide and, whilst house prices in some of the most expensive areas of the country have fallen a little over the past 12 months, they have held up far better than in many of the less expensive areas.”

According to the list, Britain is now home to 220,131 property millionaires, down from 223,119 this time last year.

And there are now 5,922 streets where average house prices are more than £1 million.

But there is more of an east-west than north-south divide in Sheffield, with the low property prices found on the housing estates around the east of the city.

Meanwhile, values in parts of the leafy south west such as Dore, Totley and Fulwood are high, with some homes changing hands for more than a million pounds.

Leading Sheffield estate agent Blundells has several homes worth around £500,000 on the market - and one in Dore for almost £1.5 million.