Hospital ward evacuated in blaze drama for 20 patients

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PATIENTS were helped from their beds in the middle of the night when fire broke out in a South Yorkshire hospital.

The blaze at Rotherham Hospital was discovered at 3.05am yesterday in an office on the haematology ward.

Firefighters who arrived at the second floor found staff had already evacuated the ward and moved patients to another in the hospital.

When firefighters entered the office they found cables on fire, and that flames had spread to some paperwork.

Wiring in the walls of the office was also burning.

A fire door prevented the blaze spreading, but firefighters said smoke had filtered on to the ward.

Crews spent around an hour extinguishing the fire, ventilating the ward and checking the flames had not spread anywhere else.

A spokeswoman for Rotherham NHS Foundation Trust said: “We can confirm that at around 3am a small fire broke out in an office on the haematology ward at Rotherham Hospital.

“The fire, which came from a PC, was immediately isolated and dealt with according to the Trust’s stringent fire procedures with support from South Yorkshire Fire Service.

“As a precaution 20 patients have temporarily been relocated to another ward and will be moved back as soon as all the safety checks have been completed.”