Hospital charity show

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THE staff of BMI Thornbury Hospital are presenting a Stars in Their Eyes charity concert on Friday, January 13 at 7.30pm, at the Crookes Club.

It will include tributes to Cliff, Elvis and Lady Gaga, plus a set from Steeling City music duo, a magician also appearing and the Branching Out dancers. The evening will be rounded off with a disco, buffet and charity auction.

Tickets are £5, from 0114 2661133. All proceeds go to the Cavendish Cancer Care Centre.

Ashley Johnson, S10

Don’t buy – try it

Sometime ago I was in Spain asking how they keep their prices the same level year after year. The answer was that if the Government change prices, people don’t buy. That’s not hard to do, is it people of Britain? Lets try it.

Name and address supplied

Double standards

I agree to a large extent with the protests over greedy bankers that have taken place outside various cathedrals in the country over the past few weeks.

I wonder, however, how long the protesters would have lasted if they had camped outside a mosque? My guess is their feet wouldn’t have touched the floor and they’d have all been locked up within an hour. Maybe next time the protests might be about double standards?

Dave, S3

Feckless do-gooders

What will the namby-pamby PC Brigade want to ban next? Wine gums, rum truffels, sherry trifle, brandy, Christmas pud?

Green party councillors Jillian Creasy and Rob Murphy are obsessed with turning us into a nation of feckless do-gooders. Our country is becoming a laughing stock of the real world.

Jessy Mariot, Chapeltown