Horse sanctuary’s urgent appeal

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A HORSE sanctuary in South Yorkshire is appealing for urgent funds to help it survive another tough winter.

Albert’s Horse Sanctuary in Barnsley needs to raise a whopping £1,000 in order to buy enough food to see its horses through the Christmas period.

“It’s £40 for a bale of hay and our horses can easily go through five a day,” said owner Mary Hepworth, who opened the Cawthorne-based shelter in 2005 with husband John and daughters Mary-Anne and Stacey, to care for animals who were no longer wanted and otherwise faced being put down.

What began as a side project is now an all-consuming full-time job, caring for countless horses, donkeys, sheep, goats, pigs, cats and rabbits.

“You can’t explain to animals why they can’t eat, it’s just not an option,” said Mary, who admits the family have, at times, gone without food themselves to ensure there’s enough for the animals.

“Every Christmas is a battle and with little sponsorship the money usually comes out of our own pockets.

“Last Christmas was really tough for us and we’d love the security of knowing the animals are taken care of this year.

“We need the public’s help.”

If you would like to contribute, call Mary on 07721 327879.