Horror as dog kills two cats - and Sheffield owner stands watching

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The RSPCA is appealing for information after two cats were killed by a dog while its owner appeared to stand by and watch.

Witnesses said they saw a man on a mountain bike, watching as his dog attacked two cats in Plantation Hill, Worksop.

One witness, who had been driving when he saw the incident stopped his car and shouted at the man to stop the dog attacking the cats.

The cyclist then called off his dog, but the two cats were severely injured and both died at the scene on July 12.

The dog was a brindle bull mastiff lurcher cross..

The RSPCA was also called on June 23 about an incident at 3am in Bridge Street, Worksop, when three men were seen with a brindle lurcher which was also savaging a cat. The cat also died and the men then placed the body in a bin.

RSPCA Keith Ellis said: “The cats in the first incident belonged to the same owner and she is absolutely devastated. A vet examined the bodies afterwards and one of the cat’s spines had been snapped.”

Call 0300 123 8018.