Homeless warning from MP

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A SOUTH Yorkshire MP has warned proposed cuts to housing benefit could mean residents becoming homeless.

Rotherham Labour MP and former housing minister John Healey said young people on low incomes in Rotherham could lose £20 a week in housing benefits.

Additional national benefit cuts will mean 3,500 Rotherham people will lose an average of £12 a week and those renting one-bed flats will lose an average of £6 per week.

Mr Healey said the loss in benefits could tip families struggling to manage their finances over the edge into homelessness.

He warned: “Losing £20 a week could be a huge hit for people on low incomes and is likely to mean most properties are pushed out of the reach of people in this category.”

Louise Reardon, social policy co-ordinator for Rotherham CAB, said: “The impact on many people we see could be significant, with resulting effects on debt, homelessness, poverty and hardship for both those in low-paid work and those reliant on benefits.”