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As a parent of two disabled daughters at Rushey Meadow, I am disgusted to hear of its proposed closure.

Just what is the Government thinking of? Why close something that is used to capacity by grateful parents of disabled children?

It’s a lifeline to us all and the staff are an absolute credit. They deserve to be treated with respect not thrown down to the job centre.

Anyone can sit behind a desk in an office or work in a shop, but is takes extra special people to do the jobs they do at Rushey Meadow.

David Cameron should have more understanding, but there again he never had to deal with it personally, as he would have employed nannies. Please re-think this and make cuts elsewhere.

Do not close Rushey Meadow, as this is what keeps us going knowing we will have a break once a week to re-charge our batteries.

Mrs C Diaper, Sheffield

Many people drive up and down Abbeydale Road and pass Rushey Meadow, a respite home for children with learning disabilities. It’s a true hidden treasure.

My son stays there, it’s not a decision you take lightly to place you child in the care of others. With respite you face many challenges to even qualify for a place, not to mention the guilt you feel at not being able to care for your own child. Once this is done countless questions start, a weary task and can sap the life from your soul.

But it’s a path well worth following. Children are happy there, loved and cared for. It’s a home in every sense of the word.

Now with closure, alternative places will be found at two remaining homes. How can that be as these are full? For these children the Big Society is not the answer.

Why close Rushey Meadows?

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