Holidaymakers should always check bookings

Paul Thompson, of Rossington, who is angry with Thomson for the mix up over holiday accommodation.
Paul Thompson, of Rossington, who is angry with Thomson for the mix up over holiday accommodation.
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Always read the documents and don’t assume anything.

That’s the lesson for Paul Thompson after he booked a holiday to Jamaica to a hotel he’s been to several times – or so he thought.

There are two RIU hotels in Negril, Jamaica, and Paul was clear about the one he didn’t want to stay in – he’d tried it once and moved out with his family halfway through the holiday.

The place he does like – the Palace Tropical Bay, which is a bit swankier – he’s been to 10 times.

So when he rang Thomson in October to book in for a party of nine he never mentioned the other place – why would he?

Yet months later they found out that’s where they were all going. And to ‘upgrade’ to the Palace would cost an extra £3,420.

Not wanting to ruin the trip – his niece is renewing her wedding vows – they all coughed up and flew out last week.

But Paul, of West End Lane, New Rossington, Doncaster, was cross.

He said: “We are very disappointed in Thomson. The paperwork arrived with accommodation name ‘RIU Negril’ which we took as Thomson’s name for the Palace Tropical Bay since their own brochure uses the full name for the other one – ClubHotel RIU Negril.

“On contacting Thomson’s they said it should have been picked up earlier and we had to pay an extra £380 each.”

“I stayed at the ClubHotel in 2005. After five days our party of 10 asked to be moved to the Tropical Bay as it was not to our satisfaction, so no way would I ask for this hotel again. Please can you help us with this matter?”


A Thomson spokesman said: “Thomson is sorry to hear that Mr Thompson is unhappy with his booking experience.

“At the time of booking, our agents confirmed the name of the hotel with Mr Thompson who advised he was happy to proceed. We have also provided several booking confirmations since this time with the name of the hotel clearly displayed.

“Mr Thompson has been given the option to change his accommodation choice without paying a transfer fee but will need to pay the full upgrade fee.

“We would encourage customers to ensure all information on their booking confirmation is correct to avoid such instances.”