Holidaymakers are well stuffed

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Here we go again.

Or rather, we don’t.

It’s the middle of the summer holiday season; families are flocking abroad. And yet another holiday company goes belly-up.

Yet more scenes of sobbing children reluctantly towing their suitcases back home. Of angry parents wondering whether they’ll ever get their hard-earned money back.

This week, Holidays 4 UK collapsed, leaving 63,000 Turkey holiday customers stuffed. And travel experts predict other companies may soon follow suit.

What I want to know is why does it always happen in peak season? If a holiday company was struggling, you’d think winter would finish them off. But no; they take deposits from trusting families, then limp through to a summer of final balances on what I assume is a wing and a prayer.

They must hope if enough people book with them, they’ll have enough money to stay afloat.

It’s like they set to sea on a patched up lilo.

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