Hillsborough: ‘The worst cover up in history’

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News: Local, national and international news 24-hours a day.

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SIX key figures involced in the Hillsborough disaster are emerging amid claims of the ‘worst cover-up in British legal history’.

Former South Yorkshire Police Chief Constable Peter Wright allowed police officers’ statements to be doctored.

David Duckenfield, in charge of the policing operation, lied that fans had forced their way in.

Police Federation rep Paul Middup and former Sheffield Hallam MP Irvine Patnick misled journalists with lies about the Liverpool fans.

Coroner Stefan Popper was key to the quantity of information in the public domain for the last 23 years and his inquest rulings could be quashed.

And Sir Norman Bettison, current West Yorkshire Police chief, was a Sheffield chief inspector tasked with pushing the police version of events of the Hillsborough disaster in Sheffield in 1989.

Famed barrister Michael Mansfield QC says prosecutions could follow. “It is not just one person responsible,” he said.

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