Hillsborough teenager’s life ‘could have been saved’

Sarah Hicks
Sarah Hicks
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The life of a teenage girl who died at Hillsborough alongside her younger sister could have potentially been saved, a medical expert has said.

Professor Jerry Nolan gave evidence about the deaths of Sarah Hicks, who was 19, and her sister Vicki, 15, to the new inquests into the disaster.

Sarah and Vicki Hicks

Sarah and Vicki Hicks

He said evidence from another spectator was conclusive about the fact Sarah was alive on the terraces at 3.06pm to 3.08pm.

The court was told there is then a gap of about 20 minutes in the evidence about Sarah, before she was carried out of the pen at 3.27pm and on the pitch by 3.29pm.

Judy Khan, asking questions on behalf of the family, asked if it was possible ‘that Sarah’s life could have been saved if she was either taken out of the pen sooner and or given basic life support prior to going into cardiac arrest?’

Professor Nolan said yes.

Ms Khan added: “Given that gap, that is the gap, the window as it were, where, in medical terms there was an opportunity potentially to save Sarah’s life?”

Professor Nolan said: “I agree with that, yes.”

Professor Nolan also said Vicki had shown no response to being given CPR on the pitch.

He said it was possible her pulse had returned when she was put in an ambulance but added it was ‘very unlikely’.