Hillsborough report ‘scarred faith in police’

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Public faith in policing has been ‘tested’ by events including the findings of the Hillsborough Independent Panel Report, a government committee has found.

The House of Commons Home Affairs Select committee report entitled Leadership and Standards in the Police said the South Yorkshire Police cover-up had ‘scarred’ the public consciousness.

The report makes recommendations about how forces can win back public trust.

They include docking the pensions of officers who commit serious misconduct, and creating a new code of ethics.

Publishing information about officer dismissals and making public details of chief officers’ expenses and hospitality are also recommended.

A South Yorkshire Police spokesman said the force ‘recognises the Hillsborough Disaster has had a negative effect’ on public perceptions.

But he added South Yorkshire Police was the first force in the country to publish details relating to officer dismissals in the last five years, and details of chief officers’ expenses and hospitality are available on the force website.

Police and Crime Commissioner Shaun Wright said he would study the report’s contents and recommendations.

“I note particularly the comments relating to the role of South Yorkshire Police in the Hillsborough tragedy and its aftermath and the various inquiries and investigations currently underway,” he said.

“My commitment to transparency and openness in dealing with these matters has been made very clear on many occasions.”