Hillsborough PC tells jury his statement was changed because it was critical of senior officers

Pens three and four on the Leppings Lane terraces.
Pens three and four on the Leppings Lane terraces.
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A South Yorkshire Police officer at Hillsborough on the day of the disaster told the inquests he was asked to remove parts of his statement by senior officers.

Adrian Daley, a junior officer at the time, said senior officers asked him to change bits of his statement which related to him not receiving any direction from senior colleagues.

Mr Daley told the jury at the new inquests into the deaths of the 96 Liverpool FC fans about his experience on the pitch of the day of the disaster.

He said initially he thought he was dealing with a public order incident, but realised when he saw a man on the floor whose face was blue it was not.

“At that point I wondered what I had walked into,” he said.

“It was human carnage. I had never seen anything like it and I never want to again.”

Mr Daley was involved in trying to extract casualties from the pile of bodies on the terrace.

He became emotional as he described the condition of the fans and spoke of one man vomiting near the foot of the pile.

He said he was in a ‘state of shock’ by the time he got to the pitch.

Two to three weeks after the disaster, Mr Daley was summonsed to see a senior police officer about his evidence.

He met Chief Superintendent John Nesbit, accompanied by Det Supt Michael Tissington. He said at the meeting he was told parts of his statement needed to be removed.

He said Chf Supt Nesbit told him: ‘I know what should and shouldn’t be in statements.’

Mr Daley added in those days, junior officers would always defer to senior colleagues - but said he didn’t feel comfortable about it.