High hopes for moorland project

PeatNW'Helicopter getting to those hard to reach places
PeatNW'Helicopter getting to those hard to reach places
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THIS will become a familiar site as one of the UK’s biggest conservation projects gets underway in some of the most isolated parts of the Peak District.

Helicopters will play a key role in the project which started at Bleaklow and Woodhead this month and continue for the next five years as the Moors for the Future Partnership begin work to return 1.6 square kilometres of badly-damaged peat moorland to a healthy condition and slow the rate at which rainwater flows off the hills, preventing flash-flooding like that seen in the Don Valley in 2007.

Heather has been cut from other areas of the Peak District and will be transported by road to 11 sites from where it will be airlifted by helicopter to be spread onto the moorland. Matt Buckler, conservation works manager for the partnership, said: “Helicopters are the only way that we can get materials into these inaccessible places.”