Hidden agendas

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It would appear that the British electorate again will force, in the only way they can, to make dogmatic political parties work together in a better Britain for all. The British people should also no longer ignore the hidden agendas of parties and we as voters will vote for each party’s list of proposals via its manifesto for the next term of office and not for the instigation of major changes we did not vote for under a banner of “we have a mandate from the British public “ Well, you do not!

The British people will make their choice on what they hear and read and are aware there is good and bad ideas in all the parties. Labour would skim from the rich, conservatives will skim from the poor, the liberal democrats try to please everyone and generally fail. As for UKIP, well they appeal to many of the general public who just want a return to the traditional British identity we used to have they are Marmite if you like.

The Greens have the biggest hidden agenda in their goal of unilaterally minimising carbon emissions in Britain by forcing people out of their cars.Tthe biggest treat to Britain is the SNP whose only agenda is for an independent Scotland as they could not achieve this by the referendum and now wish to dismiss those that voted NO and pursue independence in the halls of Westminster.

I have to wonder why the people of Scotland would be willing to vote for the SNP and their aims for and independent Scotland when the majority of the Scottish people having voted NO to independence.


Sheffield (undecided voter)