Heritage value should be considered in application

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In your article covering the proposed demolition of the row of shops facing onto Devonshire Green (Star March 20), you make the point that only planning considerations can be taken into consideration when determining the outcome of an application.

The tone of the article implies that no such considerations exist in this case. I would dispute this. In my objection to the proposal I pointed out the following aspects to the case:

Although they lack any formal protection, the buildings form a significant part of a group which together constitutes the backdrop to the Devonshire Green public space and are an important part of the setting of the adjacent Grade II listed Wharncliffe Fireclay Works.

In addition they have been singled out as of significance by Sheffield City Council (Urban Design Compendium 4.4) and are described as ‘an important group of early buildings’ within the city centre.

By virtue of their position within the Devonshire Quarter, they contribute to the special character of the area and as such would seem also to be covered by the provisions of the Unitary Development Plan which affords a measure of protection to buildings of particular historical significance (UDP BE 18).

The application ignores the intrinsic value of these buildings as heritage assets and the contribution that they make to the townscape.

In this respect the application conflicts directly with the principles set out in the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) in which heritage value is treated as a material consideration in the determination of planning applications.

Dr Chris Cumberpatch

Tennyson Road, Sheffield S6