Here’s a way to save money

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I HAVE an idea that would make the justice system pay for itself.

As a business owner, I have to have public liability insurance.

As a driver, my husband has motor insurance.

As home-owners we have buildings and contents insurance.

People take out medical and life insurance and even death/funeral cover.

If every person was made to take out a criminal liability insurance, similar to personal liability insurance, then upon conviction all costs would be reclaimed through this. When the insurance ran out, or the pot was empty for a person then either friends or family could use theirs to keep them in jail, or the sentence would be commuted.

It’s an idea!

Liz Beighton

Parents targeted

On The Dale behind Woodseats School are several areas that have a single yellow line which is often where most parents park due to the lack of facilities in the area.

The reasoning behind the yellow lines is somewhat unclear as along this part of the road it would cause no inconvenience for cars to park. I have received a parking ticket for the privilege of parking for all of eight minutes while running in to collect my son. Should I have waited for cars in unrestricted areas to move and then collect him late?

Why not allow cars to park between 8:40 and 9am and 3:20 and 3:40pm? Why target parents picking up their kids from school?

Chloe Hill