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WITH just a few days to go to the half-term break we find ourselves returning to the problem of parents putting children’s lives at risk by reckless parking.

The scene outside Anns Grove Primary School was so shocking a member of staff felt compelled to take photographs and send them in to this newspaper.

The idiotic nature of the parking is that just a few yards away is a car park with parking spaces free.

So the behaviour of the parents who dumped their cars on zig-zag lines while going to pick up their children from the school gates is just pure selfishness.

They would soon care if their child was hit by a car driver unsighted by an illegally-parked vehicle.

So make a resolution after this half-term to alter your behaviour at this and any other school, to park legally and remove the risk you are putting children under.

Give Museums a little more time

CLOSING museums or reducing opening hours is not something this city takes kindly to. Look at the furore caused last time the Graves Art Gallery was under threat.

But Museums Sheffield is warning the future of venues, including the Graves, could be at risk due to council demands for a £650,000 loan to be repaid.

Not surprisingly, Museums Sheffield’s Business Plan says the trust ‘cannot begin to pay off the loan until it is generating surplus from commercial and charitable activity.’

This will take time and we suggest the trust is given a chance to increase its income. It only seems five minutes since the Graves was last under threat and to demand repayment so quickly seems premature.

We agree that closing sites sends out a poor message about the economic state of the city and the way we value culture.

Let us hope ‘negotiations’ about the debt can extend the deadline for its repayment.

A hero to the Max

WHAT a hero.

Little Max Cole has almost certainly saved his nanna Mary Simmons’ life after she slipped into a diabetic coma.

At the age of only six the schoolboy knew just what to do - alerting his mum Sam Cole quickly, finding a sugary drink and clearing the way for professional medics.

His calm and collected manner during a crisis would put many of us adults to shame.

It just goes to show that, like Max, you’re never too young to learn first aid.