Helpline for parents of children with diabetes

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I would like to make your readers aware of a new helpline that has been launched for parents of children with Type 1 diabetes. The Care in School Helpline supports parents in making sure that their child is receiving the diabetes care they are entitled to at school.

It is really important that children with diabetes are fully supported to manage their diabetes well at school as poor support can put their physical and mental health at great risk and can also prevent them from reaching their full academic potential.

The new helpline is staffed by volunteers who can provide information about children’s rights and can provide emotional support at what can be a stressful time for parents.

The helpline is supported by Diabetes UK’s National Charity Partnership with Tesco and follows a landmark new law, which means for the first time all schools in England will be legally required to provide children with medical conditions such as Type 1 diabetes, epilepsy and asthmas with the support they need to make the most of their time at school.

As part of its Type 1 diabetes: Make the Grade campaign Diabetes UK has also produced free advice packs for schools to help them implement the new law. Free information packs are also available for parents, which outline what care they should expect in schools

To order free packs or contact the Care in School Helpline, call 0345 123 2399 or go to

Stephen Ryan

North of England Regional Manager, Diabetes UK