Helping you on job ladder

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THE unemployment figures which have just been updated present grim reading. With millions out of work it is easy to be overtaken by the depressing thought that you will never get your foot back on the jobs ladder.

But The Star is here to help by providing a new service for job hunters. And it comes in the form of a 12-page supplement brimming with opportunities and challenges.

As well as the hundreds of jobs to be found within the supplement, we have also given the job to our team to come up with a series of special features to help you find the right job for you.

We hope job hunters make use of the information for we know that many people acknowledge that they need help and advice when it comes to things like writing an impressive CV or putting across your case at an interview.

Finally, we believe that the supplement shows that the employment prospects facing millions of people across the country are not all grim here in the Sheffield region. There are jobs to be found.

Listening council

LAST week this newspaper revealed plans by the council to abandon weekly bin collections and move to fortnightly rounds.

We gave warning to the council that unless it resolved major issues around recycling then our refuse collection system would collapse.

We are pleased to see that the council is beginning to respond to some of those concerns. Firstly it has admitted recycling measures need to improve and now we can reveal councillors will consider allowing residents to use additional bags until such time that they become accustomed to fortnightly collections.

It is this type of awareness and sensitivity to circumstances the council needs to continue to apply if it is to introduce the change successfully.

Save playing field

PEOPLE Power is winning the day in the battle to save a Sheffield playing field from the threat of a road scheme being driven through its heart. Neighbouring Rotherham Council wants to build the access road over the green space at Woodhouse Mill to service the Orgreave site. But now Sheffield council has backed residents who are applying for the land to be designated a Queen Elizabeth II Field, under the Fields in Trust scheme which would give it protected status. We appreciate that the Orgreave scheme is a major development but so is green living space and we feel that alternatives ought to be developed rather than lose a playing field.