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at a public meeting, on July 19, the CEO of Green Waste said she was surprised people in Sheffield did not want to be more ‘green’.

How ‘green’ is it to drive lorries down a country lane which isn’t built for them? How ‘green’ is it to drive lorries round a small hospital, where people with dementia live? How ‘green’ is the noise from a shredding plant alone?

Sheffield has a reputation of looking after its older people and that is more important to me, than being ‘green’.

She does not seem to be aware that industrial-scale compost plans, pose a serious health risk to some residents, as the composting piles act as a prolific incubation bed for the aspergillus fungus. This is a potentially deadly disease which can be caught by people suffering from asthma and other lung diseases, from green waste composting.

Has the CEO a ‘green’ plan for the bodies? Or perhaps, she is not a ‘people’ person?

Norton area has the highest number of old people, per district, in Sheffield.

The country lane I refer to is Lightwood Lane. It is peaceful and quiet and in the green belt. Horses and cows use the lane. People walk dogs along the lane and the wildlife is marvellous. It is one of our amenities, but it won’t be when lorries are flying around.

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we support recycling but believe council services should provide value for money. The facts about kerbside collection for glass, plastic bottles and cans are:

It costs £2.5m a year to run.

Selling recyclates raises half a million a year, incluidng paper and card which has been collected since 2002.

The net cost of the new service is over £2m a year.

Kerbside recycling has doubled, but the amount taken to supermarket banks has fallen, so total recycling has only improved by 1%.

The service has reduced greenhouse gas emissions by less than one thousandth.

In the cross-party review of the waste collection services, we will continue to emphasise that reduction is even better than recycling and to argue that any further changes are based on sound environmental principles and providing value for money.

Coun Jillian Creasy, Green Party