Help me raise charity money

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I AM running in the Virgin London Marathon on April 17, to raise £1,800 for Chickenshed Theatre Company.

This is a charity that has been making pioneering, inclusive theatre for 35 years and must raise over £3 million a year to continue this; the ethos of the company is a place where everyone is welcome and everyone is valued.

Community fund-raising events are an essential way of raising awareness and they are made all the more successful by the generosity of others, in fact, Chickenshed could not survive without it.

On March 25, I’m hosting a charity race night in my local area, during which I hope to raise £600-800. Can anyone provide something special to use as an auction prize, something that would encourage my friends and family to part with their money?

I am more than happy to collect any items that you may be able to donate and can be contacted on 07734 529380 or

Paul Leary, Rotherham