Heartbroken mum offered new home

Pleased: Lisa Brown has been offered a new home after The Star told of her tragic ordeal.

Pleased: Lisa Brown has been offered a new home after The Star told of her tragic ordeal.

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A GRIEVING mum who found her beloved son hanged in his bedroom has been offered a new home so she can leave the house where he died - after The Star revealed her heartbreak.

Lisa Brown, aged 39, found the body of her 13-year-old son Ritche Allsop in their flat on School Road, High Green and is haunted by the memory every time she steps inside.

Her daughter Skye, 11, with her when they made the discovery, also wants to move.

Mum, daughter Skye and son Jamie, 17, are living with a friend but after The Star revealed her ordeal they have been found a new property.

Lisa asked Sheffield Council to find her a new home just a few days after Ritchie’s death on December 30. She is now set to move to a property in Chapeltown.

She said: “We have been in limbo since it happened, not able to move on. There is no way we could move back to the flat, it is too distressing to be there without Ritchie - I wouldn’t put my kids through that.

“This new house will give us a place to be together and where we can grieve properly because when you are in someone else’s house it isn’t the same, it’s like we have been putting everything on hold.

“I am really pleased that the council has helped us.”

Sheffield Homes’ Assistant Director for Customer Services Jasper South said “During the last six weeks we have done everything we can to support Ms Brown to move and were pleased to be able to offer her a suitable property which she accepted.

“The property is in an area Ms Brown had requested and she will remain close to her family.

“She will be able to pick up the keys to her new home week starting February 20.”

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