Women’s depression drugs campaign

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women and girls at the Platform 51 centre in Doncaster have launched a campaign to stop anti-depressants being prescribed as the first and only treatment for many mental health problems.

The campaign emphasises the need for more alternatives and more frequent reviews to be offered to those taking tablets.

More than 150 people have already joined Platform 51 in their call on the government for anti-depressant guidelines to be reviewed in a new petition, which the community is encouraged to support on www.platform51.org.

As part of the ‘Women Like Me’ mental health campaign, women ran a celebration event to raise awareness of mental health issues in BME communities, took the petition to the streets and local community hubs to encourage more local residents to join the campaign.

Diane Derbyshire, manager of the centre in Cleveland Street, said: “We know from working with women and girls in the Doncaster centre that, although anti-depressants have a role to play in treating mental health issues, they should not be the catch-all solution.

“Women need better alternatives and better support with their mental health so they can fulfil their potential and play their part in our communities. That is why we are calling on the Government to launch an urgent review into the use of anti-depressants.”