Valentine’s Health Tips

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Good sex is safe sex. If you will plan to have sex with a new partner, do you know what methods of contraception you will be using? For STI screening or contraception advice visit

Poor dental health may limit your chance of getting a Valentine’s kiss. Bad oral hygiene can lead up to a build-up of plaque, which in turn can lead to bad breath. To find an NHS Dentist in Sheffield taking on new patients, call the dental helpline on 0114 3051510.

Celebrating the night with alcohol? Did you know that a glass of wine contains around the same amount of calories as a bag of crisps?

If you’re alone on Valentine’s Day, why not use it as the perfect excuse to catch up with friends? Making time for yourself and doing things you enjoy is one of the best forms of stress-relief around.

Valentine’s Day is all about the heart, but how healthy is yours? The easiest way to check for any changes or abnormalities in your heart is to know your pulse. Log-on to

Stuck for ideas of how to spend the day? How about a romantic stroll? To find out more about walking in Sheffield go to

Have your eyes tested. Victoria J Smith Opticians in Millhouses is running a special Valentine’s promotion – if two people have their eyes tested together in February, they will get a box of chocolates or bottle of wine each.